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Innov8te Economic Inclusion Strategy - Our theory of change is that, for too long, Ward 8’s economy has been dominated by social services, and while that work is critical, it does not build a self sufficient and sustainable Ward 8 economy.  To make economic equity a reality in Ward 8 over 4,100 living wage jobs need to be created, over 6,200 Families need to have a house hold income of at least $75,000, and over 15,000 thousand people must leave poverty.  We are working with Councilmember Trayon White’s Office to implement an economic equity strategy by advancing the idea that anchor institutions in Ward 8 can be hubs of hyper-local economic equity ecosystems.  

The Ward 8 Community Investment Fund (W8CIF) - W8CIF is a black led place-based funding opportunity offering “grants-secured loans” to Ward 8 resident-entrepreneurs, and small businesses. Grant secured loans are a new generation of anti-racist financial product developed by and for black entrepreneurs in partnership with elected officials, DSLBD, and a small business focused CDFI.

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